Yellow skin is not suitable for people to wear apricot dress

Yellow skin is not suitable for people to wear apricot dress! You should wear a blue dress! The with yellow color of skin wants to pass the dress color collocation of qiao miao only, can make oneself emit a charming glorious, below I instruct you how tie-in dress: 1, the girl with yellow skin must choose blue jacket! A blue coat will make any skin look white. The dress collocation that sapphire blue lets skin pure color has two kinds of methods, one kind is opposite with design and color skirt, can choose to have the short coat of printing to match, the belt between the waist also can choose to be a few more exaggerated slightly. The 2nd kind is the cotton that can match pure color makes small coat and wool are knitted the coat of material kind will match, white, cream-colored, coffee color, yellow, or it is the series such as the stripe of above color can, also can match bull-puncher short outfit to open bosom small coat; If match wool fabric, length does not restrict, can match match to be in waist above, neat

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