Strands to reach the underpants unhindered

Strands to reach the underpants unhindered. Think of a woman with one leg on a chair. Fluctuation set is made with red real silk fabrics, appear very youthful, wear on the body, skin is more delicate. The jacket is simple, with a small bow and wide lace around the waist. The lower body is made into mini skirt style, light and nimble. The style of tuxedo is natural, and the style is generous. Contain short oil, the lacy on sleeve mouth becomes trumpet model, skirt is placed have radian, bosom is like dew not dew, as if want to say again, have outer garment design, have underwear appeal again. The shoulder of condole belt type has fine condole belt, it is blue black, green black alternate with more, feel relaxed and easy. Black edge is longer, can flash below indoor lamplight, bosom is opened, fasten gently with a thin belt, give a person the state of coquettish. Ruffle model is more with cream white real silk and pure white lacy match, collect waist, skirt is placed big, hang feeling good, lacy decorates skirt edge with ruffle form, decorous and easy, dress up girl like an angel.

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