Long exceed dress itself basically remember the waist can match

Long exceed dress itself basically remember the waist can match a few chatelaine to meet better effect. You can wear it with knitwear or woolen knitwear. You can wear it with short or long sleeves. Flat collar and high collar are preferred.

A long – sleeved dress can go with a trench coat. The collocation of dress act the role of article can have the effect that make the finishing point, because this is very important, the dress besides matchs chatelaine, the chain on neck or filar towel are very important, additional, coat matchs different when also should choose different shoe, such ability wears the effect that gives whole to come.┬ápink woollen dress with a black cardigan with a round neck or v-neck can be worn underneath, but it must be snug. Not too thick. You can wear black leggings. Wear a jacket in beige wool that goes down to the knees but has a waist. Orange dress inside can match the close-fitting base unlined upper garment that does not have color to fasten (it is white gray black this kind of), this kind of collocation is the safest. If you want a little bit of personality on the choice of color matching, but pay attention to the purity of color oh. Go with a low-purity blue or purple print. Opt for a shorter coat or one that’s longer than the length of the skirt, not a longer one.

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